Why do I blog for Visitors – Part 2

13 Apr

Blogging for Visitors

A two part posting looking at two reasons why your business should be blogging regularly. See Part 1 here.

The trend for many businesses is to move to social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. Once a blog was a place to communicate special offers and  short news items. For user of social media this is less important. But blogs remain an excellent way to communicate with customers and visitors and compared to channels like Twitter, a blog can give depth and detail.

Visitors can be divided into two groups, new visitors and current visitors.

The acquisition of new visitors is a key goal. Think about how your blog entries will drive new traffic is to your site, and also how they will built trust in your site, before moving the site visitor to a conversion oriented page elsewhere on your site. Use the blog to build authority and to establish your credibility. This will in turn lead to conversion.

Current visitors are either those who come to the blog from elsewhere on your site, or returning blog visitors who know your blog to be a trusted source of information. The blog  is the opportunity to reinforce your credibility.


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