At Webpro we offer training to help you master the key skills needed to develop your on-line presence and to energise your digital marketing push.

Delivered face-to-face or on-line, and tailored to your needs, our programmes are designed to help you gain a proper understanding of the on-line and digital challenges and learn how to take advantage of the web in your own business.

Thinking about Digital Marketing- Active Workshop

The starting point if your organisation is just beginning the digital marketing journey, or for staff who are new to the principles is our Thinking about Digital Marketing.

Serious about Digital Marketing – Active Workshop

This workshop will take your existing on-line marketing efforts to a new level, energising your current plans and helping to sharpen your focus. Our Serious about Digital Marketing Workshop is an essential step on the road to your goals.

Active Workshops

Webpro Active Workshop have two modes and two formats. This allows you to choose the best combination for your needs.

Delivery Modes: Face-to-Face or On-line

Formats: Open Access or Bespoke

Style: Active Workshop

Delivered with full involvement of the delegates, the learning outcomes are designed to reinforce the workshop content and get the participants fully engaged with the subject material.

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