Tending your website after it goes live…

26 May

A website is never finished. The launch of a new site is just the start. After the site goes live, then begins the hard work. There are three main areas of ongoing development.

The first is curating the current content to make sure that it stays up to date and relevant.

Next is adding to the content, to include new information, to have interesting blog posting, and to extend the range of the site beyond the initial lauch footprint.

Finally, there is the ongoing development of the site, as new features are added that were not part of the original launch. These could be from new ideas or simply be features that were not slated for inclusion in the launch site.

Don’t think of your website as some project that is complete at the point of launch. Rather imagine it as a garden that needs to be tended. Partner with a delivery partner who understands the digital life cycle and can help you and support you through the life of our site. Not just a web developer who may host, but never goes beyond the design and build.

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