About Us

Our Philosophy

Webpro has always offered a distinctive skill set. A website is essentially a specialised category of software, and to build an effective website requires a broad skill set. From the beginning we have combined outstanding design skills with proven technical expertise in the field of software development. As the web has developed, so have we, and we now include in-depth online marketing skills in our portfolio.

Species of website delivery partner

Species 1: The Geek squad does web

There are many technically focused web developers (AKA geeks). These are programmers and software people, who revel in the latest technology and probably swap Unix war stories over their cans of Red Bull. The problem is that they are deeply involved in the technology and lacking in the creative design skills and knowledge of usability that are also essential for an effective website.

These are web developers, not web designers. Their websites are easily recognised by the clumsy design, over-reliance on technical gimmicks and the lack of attention to typography. They are often based on pre-designed templates.

Species 2 – The Creatives go digital

In this case we have a commercial graphic designer, who decides it’s time to ‘go digital’. Clambering aboard the online band wagon, these designers are singularly ill equipped to deal with the technology challenges involved in developing a working web site. This species of web delivery partner is blissfully unaware of the meaning of usability –  dynamic nature of a web site and its user interface – they are often hooked on graphical concepts that may not translate into a feasible technical solution.

These are web designers, not web developers. Their web sites (which by the way may never get built) show little appreciation of the visitor conversion process and typically favour form over function.

Webpro – your integrated web site delivery partner.

The group has been developing software since 1986, and when this was combined with a creative team that understands the importance of the visitor journey and the technical delivery process, we are able to deliver on both fronts. Add a project management approach that is second to none and we can promise an outstanding service. We understand usability and we know that the user’s interface is crucial.

Our service has evolved over the years as the internet has moved on. In 2005 we added Online Marketing to Web Design and Web Development, completing the trinity of services needed to keep our clients at the forefront of this fast moving race.